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Our Treatment Options at BE FIT CHIRO Brunswick Makes Investing in Your Health Easy

Be Fit Chiro Brunswick offers safe and effective treatments aimed to relieve pain, enhance movement and improve posture. See how we value your health, making it easier for you to choose wellness.

Quality Care That Is Safe And Effective

At Be Fit Chiro Brunswick, we provide world-class treatments to everyone from all walks of life. Check out our treatment options below to get started on your journey to better health.

Chiropractic Consultations

Our chiropractic consultations cater to both new and existing clients, focusing on thorough, comprehensive assessments.

Initial Consultation

On your first visit, you’ll start with a guided clinic tour and fill out intake forms. Your chiropractor will then review your health history, ask you questions to understand your concerns and health goals, and conduct a thorough examination. This examination will involve an assessment of your spine, posture, and range of motion, a digital posture scan (to identify any postural distortions), nerve function and body balance test (to assess your nervous system and body balance), and 3D foot scan (to evaluate your feet arches and their impact on your spine and body). If clinically indicated, your chiropractor may refer you for an X-ray or other tests to gather more information about your spinal health, sources of pain, and any underlying problems. Afterwards, you will receive a detailed overview of your examination and testing results and a personalised treatment plan tailored to your health goals. This plan will consist of evidence-based treatments designed to address your specific condition and relieve any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing.

Standard Consultation

We offer evidence-based treatments customised to your treatment plan. Our treatments involve chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities to align spine posture and enhance nervous system function. We utilise hands-on techniques and low-force instrument-assisted tools to ensure gentle and effective adjustments. Additionally, we provide tailored corrective exercises at specific intervals to strengthen and mobilise overactive or under-active muscles. Orthotic tractioning devices may be used to enhance treatment effectiveness when needed. Periodic assessments and posture scans are conducted to evaluate your body’s response to care, providing valuable insights for optimising your treatment plan. Your progress informs the next steps in your care, guiding you towards your health and wellness goals.

Relief Program

Experience relief from mild, moderate, or severe pain with our relief program. This program includes 12 chiropractic visits to help you feel better and return to your daily activities without pain or limitations. Receive tailored adjustments and learn about maintaining proper posture and lifestyle habits to improve mobility, decrease inflammation, and enhance overall wellness. This program is suitable for individuals experiencing acute or chronic pain, as well as those new to chiropractic care.

Restore Program

Our restore program offers 24 chiropractic visits to provide immediate pain relief and support long-term wellness. Receive personalised chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitative exercises to strengthen your spine, rebalance your body, and enhance its natural healing abilities. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, aiming to improve your health, or seeking relief from chronic pain, this program is tailored to guide you towards lasting health improvements.

Wellness Program

Looking for a lasting remedy for back pain, joint stiffness, or improving performance? Our wellness program offers 36 chiropractic visits aimed at enhancing mobility, alleviating pain, boosting energy, and fostering a higher quality of life. Maintain improvements, reduce the risk of injury recurrence, and promote overall well-being whether you work in an office, as a tradesperson, an athlete, or in a physically demanding job, or simply prioritise wellness.

Billing and Insurance Options

Our various billing and insurance options allow you to receive quality chiropractic care without financial strain.

X-Rays Bulk Billed

At Be Fit Chiro Brunswick, we provide X-ray referrals, which are conveniently bulk-billed by Medicare.

Private Health Insurance

We accept major health funds and facilitate an easy claiming process with HICAPS for an accessible and convenient experience.

Medicare CDM / EPC Plans

Medicare Care Chronic Disease Management (CDM)/ Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plans offer bulk-billed appointments with up to five visits yearly, all covered with no extra fees.
Be Fit Chiro Brunswick
Be Fit Chiro Brunswick
79 Google reviews
Bernard Lim
Bernard Lim
Great Chiro
Amien Hanantio
Amien Hanantio
The doctor consultation help me a lot to gain confidence walking on my injured feet. The information he gave me sufficient enough for me to continue my own treatment by myself. He told me what should be done and what shouldn't to help me recover fast and in a correct way
Penny Matheson
Penny Matheson
I was a bit hesitant on trying chiro at first but now I have I'm very glad to have come across be fit chiro, I have a clear insight about my own health and am on my recovery journey. Looking forward to achieving many more health goals.
Andrew Tommasi
Andrew Tommasi
Anthony has been fantastic for the time that I have seen him. A definite recommend for anyone who requires a great chiro.
Jordan Crouch
Jordan Crouch
Friendly staff and have experienced good results
Natasha Nassour
Natasha Nassour
I have been seeing Dr Anthony for over 2 years now and his service is thorough, friendly and effective. I've seen a drastic improvement in my back and neck pain since coming to Be Fit Chiro. I would highly recommend Dr Anthony at Be Fit Chiro!