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Experience Lasting Pain Relief in Brunswick From Your Trusted Chiropractors

Welcome to Be Fit Chiro Brunswick, a trusted name in the community for effective chiropractic care. Our services offer long-term benefits such as sustained  pain relief, improved posture, and enhanced mobility, all aimed at elevating your quality of life.

Chiropractic Treatment
For Your Wellbeing

Full Range Of Chiropractic Treatment For You And The Family In The Heart Of Brunswick

At BE FIT CHIRO, we specialise in providing holistic chiropractic care for a wide range of conditions and injuries. Our team is dedicated to offering personalised solutions tailored to your unique needs to promote healing, relief, and overall wellness. We offer comprehensive chiropractic services, including neck pain relief, sciatica management, lower back treatment, migraine remedies, and more, all aimed at improving your quality of life.

Whether you are recovering from a sports injury, seeking relief from chronic pain, or looking to improve your mobility, we are here to assist you. Trust BE FIT CHIRO for effective, compassionate care to help you on your journey to optimal health.

Neck Pain Relief

BE FIT CHIRO provides long-lasting treatment for neck pain with customised chiropractic care and therapeutic methods to alleviate neck pain, reduce tension, and improve mobility.

Sciatica Pain Management

BE FIT CHIRO helps patients reduce sciatica pain and achieve long-term wellness through chiropractic care and customised exercise plans.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Our comprehensive care for lower back issues includes chiropractic treatment to aid in rehabilitation and healing for long-term results.

Migraine And Headache Remedies

BE FIT CHIRO tailors’ treatments for migraines and headaches, incorporating adjustments to support the body and lifestyle for improved health outcomes.

Whiplash Injury Recovery

Our whiplash recovery program includes chiropractic care and rehab therapies aiming to reduce pain and muscle spasm, ease cervical sprains/strains, and enhance range of motion and function.

Frozen Shoulder Improvement

At BE FIT CHIRO, we focus on increasing shoulder mobility and alleviating pain related to frozen shoulder syndrome to help you get back to your regular activities.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solutions

We offer personalised solutions for carpal tunnel syndrome, involving chiropractic treatments and ergonomic recommendations, along with exercises to prevent and alleviate symptoms.

Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

BE FIT CHIRO provides you with treatments to reduce plantar fasciitis pain and pain and adjustment care to help you regain a life without pain.

Osteoarthritis Joint Care

BE FIT CHIRO provides specialized care to manage osteoarthritis symptoms and improve joint function through chiropractic interventions, enhancing overall quality of life.

Scoliosis Spinal Adjustment

Individual spinal adjustments are provided to assist in managing scoliosis, promoting proper spinal alignment for enhanced posture and comfort.

Addressing Leg Length Inequality

Through specific chiropractic treatments and prescription of custom-made orthotics, BE FIT CHIRO helps restore leg length inequality, allowing individuals to move more balanced and with greater ease.

Treating Sports Injuries

Our chiropractic treatments are designed to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of sports injuries, helping you perform at your best and reducing pain, catering to the athlete in each of us.

Mid Back Pain Treatment

BE FIT CHIRO provides chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic methods to not only relieve mid-back pain but also support overall health and well-being.

Poor Posture Correction

We provide specific spinal adjustments and exercises to strengthen posture, reduce discomfort, and train the spine for proper alignment, contributing to overall spinal health.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Through extremity adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and targeted exercises, BE FIT CHIRO provides effective, long-lasting relief for shoulder pain, enabling patients to resume daily activities comfortably.

Hip Pain Treatment

A tailored approach is used to manage hip pain, alleviating discomfort, and preventing future episodes to improve mobility and overall comfort.

Knee Pain Improvement

BE FIT CHIRO aims to realign and strengthen the knee joint through adjustments, exercises, and massage therapy to offer effective relief for enhanced mobility and overall comfort.

Jaw/TMJ Pain Relief

With targeted chiropractic adjustments and trigger point therapy, we work to reduce pain and restore movement and function, enhancing overall quality of life.

Be Fit Chiro Brunswick
Be Fit Chiro Brunswick
79 Google reviews
Bernard Lim
Bernard Lim
Great Chiro
Amien Hanantio
Amien Hanantio
The doctor consultation help me a lot to gain confidence walking on my injured feet. The information he gave me sufficient enough for me to continue my own treatment by myself. He told me what should be done and what shouldn't to help me recover fast and in a correct way
Penny Matheson
Penny Matheson
I was a bit hesitant on trying chiro at first but now I have I'm very glad to have come across be fit chiro, I have a clear insight about my own health and am on my recovery journey. Looking forward to achieving many more health goals.
Andrew Tommasi
Andrew Tommasi
Anthony has been fantastic for the time that I have seen him. A definite recommend for anyone who requires a great chiro.
Jordan Crouch
Jordan Crouch
Friendly staff and have experienced good results
Natasha Nassour
Natasha Nassour
I have been seeing Dr Anthony for over 2 years now and his service is thorough, friendly and effective. I've seen a drastic improvement in my back and neck pain since coming to Be Fit Chiro. I would highly recommend Dr Anthony at Be Fit Chiro!